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The Augury for Women’s Health and Midwifery

Born in the spring of 2014, The Augury is founded on the belief that every woman deserves compassionate, well-informed obstetric and gynecologic care at every stage of her life.

We are a team of high-level healthcare providers, including physicians and midwives, working harmoniously to ensure that women who seek our care receive the best of the physical, emotional, and psychological worlds.

When a woman begins her care at The Augury, she may notice that there are differences from other healthcare facilities she has visited in the past.  She is able to directly book her visit on ZocDoc.com or she can traditionally call the office.  We strive to treat our patients with a shorter wait time than in other facilities and to be quickly triaged by our friendly, caring office staff.

Most importantly, her care provider will take time with her to explore more than just her immediate concerns. There may be surprising questions about life issues she had never considered before in relation to her gynecological or obstetrical needs. We recognize that stress in one part of a woman’s life often seriously affects another part. The providers at The Augury appreciate this complexity and may be more prepared to give referrals to other kinds of healthcare providers or suggest treatments that go above and beyond the usual OB/GYN medications and procedures.

The providers at The Augury take great pride in working closely together to optimize the health and wellness of our patients. We understand our interconnectedness and that a better health outcome for the women we serve means we have lived our own lives better that day.