Windi Muraszka, CNM, NP, MS

Windi MuraszkaDirector of Midwifery & Public Relations

Ms. Muraszka (or Windi, as she prefers to be called) has been in the field of women’s health, pregnancy, and birth for over two decades, and welcomed over 2,500 newborns as a licensed midwife in New York City since 1996. Windi attended Hunter College School of Nursing, Frontier School of Midwifery, and Stony Brook University, graduating with the highest honors from all three schools.

She has worked at various hospitals and women’s healthcare centers in the city over the years, including St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, Metropolitan Hospital (part of the HHC network), Mt. Sinai Medical Center, and Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. Windi also volunteered at high schools in Queens and Brooklyn teaching Human Sexuality Classes to adolescents. Women from New York City’s rich mix of cultural, ethnic, sexual identity, and racial groups have all enjoyed superior care at Windi’s hands.

Windi is the mother to three children of her own who are now transitioning into adulthood. She understands pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding from the inside out as only a mother can. There are as many parenting styles and beliefs as there are parents in the world and all are worthy of respect and thoughtful consideration. Windi strives to work closely with women to help them integrate their own personal needs and childbearing desires with their special gifts and abilities.

Windi believes that all women are entitled to compassionate, thoughtful care at all times in their lives. Providing wellness-oriented high-level midwifery service translates to insuring that when women and their families leave her office, they feel nurtured, educated, and incredibly well taken-care of.