Screening for Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer

breast screeningBreast cancer is a frightening topic for women. One out of eight women in America are at risk for developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Ovarian cancer in the general female population is 1 out of 70. If a woman has the BrCA1 or BrCA2 genes, her breast cancer risk rises 60-80% and her ovarian cancer risk rises 20-40%.

At The Augury, we are proud to offer the cutting edge screening tool for at-risk women. With a very simple test, we will be able to provide you with ital. information about your genetics that can help you make decisions about your body that might save your life.

The BrCA1 and BrCA2 test is performed hassle-free in our office for women who meet the criteria for hereditary disease screening. Please speak with one of our providers to see if you are a candidate. Most insurances are accepted.